Wicked Awesome History Begins Somewhere

Wicked Awesome History Begins Somewhere

“Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.”

– Anthony Bourdain

Welcome to The Wicked Traveled Historian! My name is Zachary. I am wicked traveled and a historian, so it fits. Here I will discuss a few different things. First, and foremost I will talk about my travels and adventures in history. The places I have gone to, monuments and museums I have seen, and food and beer I have consumed.

Yet being wicked traveled does not solely refer to my travel, rather it also comprises my memories of special experiences, whether it be building LEGO sets, going to see live music or baseball games, my half marathon travel, or stories about my dog Mr. Tuttles, or my favorite television shows. Hopefully, these lived moments, and more, become the core of my discussions. Check out my blog for a little more information on what my posts will comprise, whether it be historical travel, half marathon travel, or my POP! Culture musings. Stay tuned for regular posts on these topics!

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