About Me

“History isn’t boring; but most historians are.”

Welcome to The Wicked Traveled Historian! I’m Zach, a lively Historian who loves running half marathons, traveling, discussing history, and consuming as much POP! Culture as possible.

The Wicked Traveled Historian comes from two key facts: 1) I have a Ph.D. in History from the University of Hawaii and teach at a local college. 2) I was born and raised in Massachusetts. Therefore, I’m a proud Bay Stater, or “Masshole,” although I dislike that nickname. Even so, I’ve used the word “wicked” my entire life. Not about something spooky, rather… well, you know what, unless you are a New Englander, it’s difficult to understand. If I don’t use “wicked” before an adjective, taking my point up a notch, then it’s a waste of a wonderful regional expression. This blog will cover many different things, focusing on travel stories, half-marathon running, POP! Culture entertainment and nostalgic recollections.

History, Travel & Adventure

NO, this will not be a history lesson. This blog is not my opportunity to teach you history or post my articles or even try to provide every single historical detail that I know about the places I visit. I want to use this as an opportunity to share my childlike wonder of history and grandeur of the world around us. Whether I’m traveling to a museum or monument, a historical battlefield, or a place of significance, I want to reflect on it for its current cultural understanding. I consider its importance now, with an appreciation for the power of the moment.

I grew up near the ocean in Massachusetts and surrounded by an incredibly rich local history. Thus began my appreciation and love for history and places that not explore the historical narrative, but also seek to preserve it. I’ve worked at museums and historical sites and traveled to locations all over the world. I’m both inspired and shocked by how places interpret and present the past to audiences. With this experience, education, and excitement, I’ll bring you with me to new and unique locations to explore. Travel for history, travel for fun and travel to understand.

Running 13.1 Miles

In November of 2014, I ran my first Half Marathon. It was not easy, but damn was it fun. In the many months before, my brother had posed the idea of lacing up our sneakers and doing a half marathon race in Florida at Disney. Let me start by saying, my initial reaction to this idea was dread and, how do they say it, hell no! To make a long story short, in the end I…we did! We both completed the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon. It rained, was cold, I had been recovering from a knee injury, but I did it and loved it. Almost as soon as I crossed the finish line, I thought I have to do this again.

Over the last few years, I’ve run a half marathon at least once each year, sometimes more, but never less. In every possible way, this is my fitness goal, with the bonus that the races I select will bring travel, exploration, and a wicked good time! While this started with us wanting to run a race together, it has morphed into a once a year brother trip to run a half marathon, drink beer, and create memories. But I do not always travel with my brother. Most of the time I go on these “run-cations” I travel with my wife, who does not do the running part of the trip, but enjoys the local coffee. Then we explore the city, historical sights, and find unique local places to eat.

POP! Culture Musings & More

I’m a child of the 80s and enjoy all kinds of movies, television shows, going to live concerts and sporting events, and conversations centered around nostalgia. While this blog will center around my travel and half marathon races, I’d like my POP! Culture amusements to be displayed. Whether its a trip to do ax throwing, going to see Alanis Morissette live, attending a food truck or craft beer or film festival, or producing a movie marathon commentary or my attempt to watch and comment about select episodes of Star Trek: TNG or American Dad, or even documenting a LEGO build…I will blog about it.

In many ways, this category is a hodgepodge part of my blog that acts as an opportunity to dive into topics other than travel. At the same time, those events, too, may make an appearance. It is a little undefined and will allow me to branch out in the world of POP! Culture, at least regarding the things that speak to me. One week I may post about a film/television show I watched and some of my “interesting” thoughts and conclusions. Another month, I may discuss nostalgia, toys, or a holiday like Halloween. Maybe I’ll share some specific experiences that have helped construct my personal narrative. This type of post mixes both history, POP! Culture, and my “wicked travels” through life.

Join Me?

These “wicked” travels, near and far, recent and long since past, travel for joy and the journeys of life’s important moments, and traveling for historical pursuits or pure entertainment are the core of this blog. Join me for fun and interesting discussions. Hopefully, the things I enjoy and the places I’ve been will act as breadcrumbs to those history lovers, half marathon runners, POP! Culture consumers and anyone else willing to take a leap and follow me. Welcome, and thanks for joining me on this incredible journey. More often than not, I’ll post once per month, especially during those months when the weather in New England is lovely. When it turns nasty, well, you might hear from me more.

Check out my newly launched Podcast, Must (re)Watch TV on Anchor, Spotify & Apple Podcasts. You can also hop over to my YouTube channel, Must (re)Watch TV, for trailers of all my new and upcoming podcast episodes.

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