Historical Travel & Adventures

Let me first start by saying, NO, this will not be a history lesson. This blog will not be my opportunity to teach you history or post my articles or even try to provide every single historical detail that I know about the places I visit. I want to use this as an opportunity to share my childlike wonder of history and grandeur of the world around us. Whether I am traveling to a museum or monument, a historical battlefield, or a place of significance, I want to reflect on it for its current cultural understanding. I want to consider its importance now, with an appreciation for the power of the moment.

I grew up near the ocean in Massachusetts and surrounded by an incredibly rich local history. Thus began my appreciation and love for history and places that not explore the historical narrative, but also seek to preserve it. I have worked at museums and historical sites and traveled to locations all over the world. I have been both inspired and shocked by how places interpreted and presented the past to audiences. With this experience, education, and excitement, I bring you all with me to new and unique locations to explore. Travel for history, travel for fun and travel to understand.

From international places like Guatemala, Ireland, China, France, and more to many American states, I have traveled for various reasons. Whether this travel was, and is, for historical exploration or personal curiosity, the need to roam has brought me to places I could never have dreamed of seeing. No matter the reason for travel, history is alive in the places I go to. Historical locations will be seen, baseball stadiums will be checked off my list, breweries will be visited and counted, local food will be eaten, and fun will be had and, especially now, be documented and posted about! Join me from here on out as I explore new places and discover them for the first time.

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