“See You Space Cowboy…”: Anime Super Noobdom & Podcast Appearance

“See You Space Cowboy…”: Anime Super Noobdom & Podcast Appearance

“Just a humble bounty hunter, ma’am.”

– John Cho (Spike) from Cowboy Bebop

I have toyed with the idea of creating a podcast. Maybe Corinne and I would focus on American Dad, or Jeff and I might chat about films or the array of biographies we are reading. Perhaps I would go solo and reformat topics from this blog for an audio adventure. I also dream of doing voice-over work for some cartoon or even narrating an audiobook; one might enjoy my Massachusetts accent and vernacular. That last comment might be a stretch, but I enjoy speaking in front of a large crowd, although I am generally shy. While I have been writing on this blog for nearly two years, this was a big step in putting myself out there. It’s not as easy for me as it might appear, but it’s all part of a larger goal of being true to my best self.

That is why it took me so long to appear on my first podcast, a show about a topic I know very little about; anime. Luckily, my appearance focused on a live-action remake of a popular anime that first appeared in 1998. Today, I am focusing on that appearance on Weeb & Noob Watch Anime Podcast and diving into the show’s topic, Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop. I enjoyed both tremendously, but Cowboy Bebop did not get renewed for a second season, a downright shame. The series was spectacular, one of my favorite shows of the year, but watching it and subsequently offering viewpoints as part of a podcast was an experience unlike any other. Let’s explore the podcast, the show that mesmerized me, and mourn its untimely demise. 3-2-1, let’s jam!

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